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Poly Gel Nail Extension Set


This Poly Gel Nail Extension Set is the latest and greatest nail enhancement trend that will knock the socks off of the clients at your salon. It combines the qualities of acrylics and hard gels to give your clients a natural look that's strong, flexible, and light as a feather with no unpleasant odors. Start the squeeze, slice, and roll trend with your clients with this Poly Gel Nail Extension Set. This set created specifically for the professional nail technician.

  • All-in-one hybrid between hard gel and acrylic for use by licensed professional nail technicians only
  • Lighter than acrylics and hard gels for natural look and feel
  • Package includes : as picture
  • Step 1: Squeeze PolyGel, slice with multi-purpose tool, and roll onto nail
  • Step 2: Using brush and Slip Solution, shape product into place