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Portable Face Shade personal Sun Beach Shader Protection tent

Shader is a compact, portable shade device, made to protect our faces while we enjoy the sun.

Summertime all about getting outdoors and enjoying the sun in any way we can.

Unfortunately, the downside to this enjoyment is sunburn and the ageing effects that comes from being in the sun, especially on our faces.

Many people can't use sunscreen on their faces due to certain skin conditions, and many others just don't want to, especially if wearing make-up.




Item Description
Color Blue/Purple
Material 1.Tent Part:Elastic Oxford
2.Tent Skeleton:Glass Fibre
3.Tent Base:Pc&Eva
4.Pillow:Nylon&Memory Foam
Weight(KG) 1.4kg
Size 46cm*36cm*24cm
Package 6pcs/carton,carton sizes:60*50*26cm.
Package Components(Standard Configuration)

  1.Shader Tent with phone holder

  2.Foam Pillows with cooler pack

  3.Base with drink holders

  4.Carry bag,instructions