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Sunflower Folding Reverse Umbrella Double Layer Inverted Windproof For Women

Frame Material:Steel shaft+ fiberglass ribs.

Cloth Material:water repellent pongee fabric


Weight :580g

Open Length: 85cm

Coverage Diameter :90cm

Package include :1 * Umbrella

1.Durable Materials :Made of water repellent pongee fabric, breathable double layer canopy and smooth top, using high-quality steel shaft and premium resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs.

2.Inside-Out Folding : Innovative design allows you to close it in an inverted/reverse direction, which means the outside layer will become the inside layer after closing, so you can put it directly anywhere in a car or a room without making the seat or floor wet, and even other people standing beside you on a bus or the subway will not get wet, either.

3.Hands Free Handle : The C-shaped hand grip allows you to play with mobile phones when you hold the reverse/inverted umbrella with your wrist and lift a bag in the rain, also convenient for mothers to hold the umbrella when they have a baby in arms.

4.Stand Up On Its Own: Perfect design allows it to stand up totally on its own when closed without being held tight by the velcro close strap, which saves much space.