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Stove Counter Gap Cover™ Flexible

2 Pcs/Lot Silicone Stove Counter Gap Cover Flexible Silicone Gap Covers Seal The Gap

1. Easy to install, no need for tools. Simply set it between the tables or cupboards. T-shaped design, more stable, no easily slip.
2. High quality silicone, food grade material, healthy and durable. 

Heat resistant, do not melt easily, please assured that use.
3. Soft silicone, can freely adjust to different use. You can cut it to fit the size you need. 

Slip resistant, soft material, do not damage the tables.
4. Effectively prevent sauces or juices spill out into the cracks between the tables. Easy to remove and clean.
5. Three colors for you to choose from, black, white or clear.
 100% food grade silicone

Package include: 2 Pieces Silicone Stove Counter Gap