Multi-Makeup Pen

Defining your eyes is as easy as writing your name!

Nothing's more exciting than getting four colors in one makeup such as this Multi-Makeup Pen. 

This new Multi-Makeup Pen comes in four shades that will surely satisfy your makeup crave. 

At first glance, It looks like an old and bulky school pen with multiple ink cartridges, but it's one of the most highly-praised eyeliners in the beauty world for good reason. 

Including inside is red, light brown, black, and dark brown that has a pen-like tip. It applies smoothly to lids and waterlines, and the creamy texture is easy to smudge.

Beauty and makeup-lovers, rejoice because you finally have your perfect makeup liner!.

Type: Eyebrow Enhancer
NET WT: 5g
Size: Full Size
Benefit: Natural, Long-lasting, Easy to Wear
Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes