Glitter Tattoo Kit


This is a set of temporary tattoo kit with 12 colours which can give you the most fashionable tattoo style.

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos make it easy to create professional looking tattoos in just a few simple steps!

Simply press on the stencil, brush on the adhesive, remove the stencil, and brush on glitter- now marvel at your beautiful art work.

You can use Shimmer Glitter Tattoos anywhere...arms, back, face, really anywhere!

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos are water proof and last up to 3-5 days.

Shimmer body art is perfect for parties, sleepovers, sporting events, or just for something fun to do.

Shimmer removes easily with baby oil.



The shape of the stencils will be random.


Package Included: Please choose option as picture. 

12 x Glitter Powder  or 6 x Glitter Powder 

20 x Body Art Stencils or 12 x Body Art Stencils

1 x Body Glue

1 x Big Brush

1 x Little Brush